Why Did You Do That, Lord?


Sometimes when The Lord circumstantially spoils our personal plans, we think He’s treating us as an enemy, when in truth, He’s acting as our best friend.

The legend says that Genghis Khan, the Mongol king of the 13th century, was out hunting one hot summer day with his favorite hawk perched on his wrist.  Parched with thirst, the king sought out a source for a cool drink.  At last, to his joy, he saw some water drop by drop trickling down over the edge of a rock cliff.  The king leaped from his horse, took a little silver cup from his hunting bag, and held it so as to catch the slowly falling drops.

It took a long time to fill the cup; and the king was so thirsty that he could hardly wait. At last it was nearly full.  He put the cup to his lips, and was about to drink, when all at once the air whirred, and the cup was knocked out of his hands, spilling the precious water on the ground.  It was his pet hawk who’d spoiled his drink!  It flew back and forth a few times and perched on some high rocks.

The king picked up the cup and again held it to catch the trickling drops.  When it was half full, the thirsty king lifted the cup to his mouth.  But before it touched his lips, the hawk swooped down again and knocked it from his hands.  Now the king was angry.  He tried again, and for the third time the hawk kept him from drinking.

This enraged the king.  “How do you dare act so?” he screamed.  Then he filled the cup again, but before he tried to drink, he drew his sword, and when the hawk swooped down, the king struck his bird with the blade.  “That is what you get for your pains,” shouted the king.  But this time his cup had fallen out of reach between two rocks.  So the king climbed up the cliff to drink right from the source.

At last, he reached the top and beheld a pool of water.  But what was lying in the pool, and almost filling it?  It was a huge, dead snake of the most poisonous kind.  The king stopped, forgot his thirst, and thought only of the dead bird lying on the ground below him.  “The hawk saved my life!” he cried, “and how did I repay him?  He was my best friend, and I have killed him.”

Our Father sees all from His heavenly throne, and often sends His circumstantial hawks to keep us safe.

For He will give His angels charge concerning you, To guard you in all your ways. (Psalm 91:11).

The Lord is your keeper; . . .  The Lord will protect you from all evil; He will keep your soul.  The Lord will guard your going out and your coming in from this time forth and forever. (Psalm 121:5, 7-8)

About savedbygrace1976

Mark Chanski (author of Manly Dominion; Womanly Dominion; and Encouragement: Adrenaline for the Soul) has labored as a full-time Pastor since 1986 in churches in Ohio and Michigan. He has been Pastor of Harbor Church in Holland, Michigan, since 1994. He has also been elected as Coordinator of the Reformed Baptist Network. He holds a Bachelor's degree from Cornerstone University, and a Master of Divinity degree from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. He teaches Hermeneutics for the Reformed Baptist Seminary in Sacramento, CA. Mark is married to his wife Dianne, and has fathered their four sons and one daughter, whose ages stretch from 36 to 26 (born 1983 to 1994).
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1 Response to Why Did You Do That, Lord?

  1. Nate Sharpe says:

    Great stuff! I love combining Biblical truths with History. A great truth and great story!

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